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Neither Archaic Nor Obsolete

Neither Archaic Nor Obsolete
Neither Archaic Nor Obsolete The Language of Common Prayer and Public Worship

By Peter Toon & Louis R. Tarsitano

Publisher's Description:

What was current English in the 1550s was old-fashioned in the 1950s and had to be replaced so the traditional "Thou" naturally gave way to "You". This irenic book provides ample evidence against this common explanation, as well as demonstrating how much further than the second-person pronouns the changes went.

As soon as the Bible was translated into English and church services were conducted in English a special style developed, unlike everyday speech, that went on unchallenged and growing for four hundred years, Readers may also be surprised to learn how little the displacement of this style has to do with the natural development of a living language, and how much to do with the cultural revolution of the 1960s.

The history is well-researched and presented, but the greater value of Neither Archaic nor Obsolete lies in its spiritual penetration, Why is the language we use in our relations with the divine so important? so helpful sometimes and at other times the reverse? This book will deepen understanding and encourage further thinking concerning the way we address God in public worship and common prayers.

96 pages
Prayer Book Society of the USA, 2003
ISBN-10: 0907839754
ISBN-13: 978-0907839750

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