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Greek for Children Primer A

Greek for Children Primer A
By Christopher Perrin

From the Publisher's Description:

Understandable, engaging, creative, and in-depth, the Greek for Children A Program will introduce your students to Koine Greek. Why Greek? Like Latin, Koine Greek will aid students in critical thinking skills and help them to develop a strong understanding of grammar. Many English words are derived from ancient Greek, and students will especially see the benefits of learning Greek when studying science and medicine. Last, but hardly least, Koine Greek is the language of the New Testament, and the study of the original language will gradually unveil the richness, depth, and beauty of the New Testament message.

Greek for Children, Primer A contains thirty-two weekly chapters, including four chapters on the Greek alphabet and five review chapters. Each chapter begins with a memory page, presenting the chant and vocabulary for the week’s lesson. Clear explanations of grammar are integrated into every chapter, written at the student’s reading level. Weekly worksheets and quizzes help students practice and retain vocabulary and grammar concepts.

289 pages
Classical Academic Press, 2009
ISBN-10: 160051023X
ISBN-13: 9781600510236

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