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Canwyll y Cymry

Canwyll y Cymry
By Rhys Pritchard

This collection of poetical religious teachings, "The Welshman's Candle", by the Rev Rhys Pritchard, the early 17th century vicar of Llandovery, is one of the most significant and influential works written in the Welsh language. The verses are written in metre to match elements within the folk singing tradition, of the sort that were anciently sung with harp accompaniment, the penillion telyn. It stands in a line of other important Anglican works which tie the ancient traditions of the British Church to its reformation revival. This is a facsimile reprinting of the 1776 Carmarthen edition. As a facsimile reprinting of a book scanned or microfilmed for research purposes, this printing may have occasional imperfections from the original or imaging.

492 pages
Gale, ECCO Print Editions, 2010
Test in Welsh
ISBN-10: 1140686445
ISBN-13: 978-1140686446

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