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Privacy Notice

American Anglican Press has a policy of not sharing personally identifiable information of our customers with third parties. Personal information of customers may be seen by our employees or staff, our banks, as well as postal delivery agents. Information is requested from customers when they sign up for an account to purchase items from our online store. This information is used for billing purposes and to fill customer orders. If we have difficulty processing an order, this information is also used to contact the purchaser. The account information of each of our customers is password-protected for their privacy and security, and they have the ability to edit their account information.

Our website uses the common form of internet encryption technology Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect your personal information. Every time you are asked to enter sensitive information on this website, you will notice that the web address in your browser window begins https. This change in the url address along with the appearance of a closed padlock image in your browser frame indicate that you are on a secure webpage. This personal data submitted on our website will be encrypted before it is transmitted over the internet.

Payments initiated by customers to American Anglican Press through our website via PayPal will be governed by the processes and policies of PayPal. Credit card numbers provided to PayPal in conjunction with orders placed with our website cannot be viewed by employees or staff members of American Anglican Press.

Customers who do not wish to have their personal information in our online system may place orders with us though the postal service by sending cash, cheques or money orders.

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