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The North American High Tory Tradition - Ron Dart, with a Foreword by Jonathan M. Paquette

A significant struggle began in the year 1776 over the fate of a continent, and there are those who believe that this struggle ended in the year 1783, with the ancient ways of the Old World being given over entirely to those of a New. Is it true, however, that the end of what has been called The First American Civil War saw the complete victory of the republican way, and the banishment of the older Tory tradition from these shores? The North American High Tory Tradition tells another story, one in which a different vision for life in North America emerges from the cold of the True North where its flame has been kept burning until the present day. George Grant (1918-1988), the most influential High Tory intellectual of the 20th century, warned us in his Lament for a Nation of the collision course which lies ahead for these two different North Americas-that embodied in the Dominion of the North, and that in the Republic to its South. Is the disappearance of the Tory alternative an inevitable fate to our future as North Americans? In The North American High Tory Tradition Ron Dart shines light upon the classical lineage, deep wisdom and enduring nature of the High Tory tradition as it has been planted and grown in the soil of North America, and in doing so reveals how Canada may serve as a north star to lead North Americans to a different destiny than that planned for them by a certain few in 1776.

Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future - Michael O. Cushman

Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future explores the place of the Southern people in their broader civilisational context from the perspective of the Southern nationalist tradition itself. It interprets from a pro-Southern perspective the best of present academic scholarship documenting the spread of classical civilisational patterns through an intercontinental network across the South Atlantic and into North America and tells the story of the appearance in the American South of the upper-most arm of a multinational plantation-based society centred around the West Indies and stretching southward to Brazil. Our Southern Nation looks deeply at the question of how these roots outside of the Anglo-American tradition produced a unique nation in that portion of North America known as Dixie, and the fundamental connections between these non-American origins and the distinctive cultural, religious and political traits that have become a part of what makes Southerners a particular people in the ethnic sense. It further examines how international cultural connections accompanied with one-time prevailing sentiments regarding Southern identity led to the vision of the centrality of a West Indies-based societal sphere in the vision of The Golden Circle within Southern politics during the nineteenth century. In conclusion, it presents a picture of how through embracing its own classical inheritance and political visions which have been passed down within the Southern tradition, contemporary Southern nationalism is poised to move the Southern people to an entirely different place in relation to the other nations of the world than the one it occupies now: Our Southern Nation contains a positive vision of a future in which the South is once again a free and thriving power in the Western world.

The Marks of the Church and Renewal - Ron Dart

In The Marks of the Church and Renewal, originally published in 1994, Ron Dart explores through a series of short articles how authentic renewal is to be found not in the turning away from the Great Tradition, but where heed is paid to those Christian essentials which the historic and cumulative wisdom of the past have set as sure signposts to our faith journey-the perennial truths which are the notae ecclesiae, when understood in a deep and mature way, direct us towards a living church, one that is both renewed as well as renewing. There is an unfortunate tendency within contemporary Christianity to sever theology and ecclesiology-an impulse which attempts to push aside the Church as an encumbering social reality while holding high spirituality or Christ as though representing a preferred alternative. Yet, can one truly love Christ while maligning and refusing his Church?-Christ and the corpus Christi being one, an authentic Christianity is to be known not by a claim of devotion to an ideal which seeks to transcend that body, but by a commitment to the defining features of the body of Christ: the marks of the Church.

Lament for a Nation: Then and Now - Ron Dart

Lament for a Nation: The Defeat of Canadian Nationalism was published in 1965, and, like a modern Jeremiah, George Grant lamented the passing away of a more classical and High Tory vision in Canada. 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Lament for a Nation-the probes Grant sent forth in 1965 have returned in a graphic manner in our late modern and postmodern ethos. Lament for a Nation: Then and Now reflects upon the writing on the Western wall that Grant has left us and the perennial message for us today if we have but the eyes to see the cul-de-sac of the unfolding of the enfolding of liberalism. In a series of four essays leading Grant scholar, Professor Ron Dart of the University of the Fraser Valley, revisits the themes of this Canadian classic for today.

Titles currently in preparation for publication:

The Other North America: Traditions and Identities - Edited by D. H. Graham

An edited collection of essays by leading Tory and Anglican intellectuals, current and historic, from around North America articulating tradition-grounded visions for an alternative religious and civic life in the New World.

The High Tory: Essays on Classical Conservatism by a Patriotic Canadian - Gerry T. Neal

A collection of old and new essays on subjects ranging from philosophy, politics, theology and art by Canadian High Tory and traditionalist Anglican thinker Gerry T. Neal.

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